Volume 19. 2007

New and Rare for Lithuania Insect Species.
Naujos ir retos Lietuvos vabzdžių rūšys.

Vol 19 p.10-12 Briliute A., Budrys E. New record of damselfly Lestes barbarus in the South of Lithuania (Odonata, Lestidae)
Vol 19 p.13-14 Svitra G. New record of Cicadetta montana Homoptera Cicadinae) in LIthuania
Vol 19 p.15-16 Ardinaviciute J., Diskus A. New record of the hawkmoth Proserpinus proserpina (Pallas, 1772) (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) in Lithuania
Vol 19 p.17-20 Bacianskas V. Protected species of Lepidoptera registered in the Pasvalys administrative district (Northern Lithuania) in 2002-2007
Vol 19 p.21-25 Bacianskas V. New records of rare Lepidoptera species registered in the Kaisiadorys, Pasvalys and Taurage administrative districts (Lithuania) in 1998-2007
Vol 19 p.26-28 Paulaviciute B. Twelve rare species of moths (Lepidoptera) collected in Lithuania in 2004-2006
Vol 19 p.29-32 Dapkus D., Jaros J., Spitzer K. New data on Microlepidoptera from the Cepkeliu raistas bog (Souhetn Lithuania)
Vol 19 p.33-34 Kazlauskas R., Slenys P. Data on new and rare Lepidoptera species for Lithuania, collected in 1987-2007
Vol 19 p.35-38 Noreika R. Phyllonorycter robiniella (Clemens, 1859) (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae) - a new species for the Lithuanian fauna
Vol 19 p.39-48 Usaitis T. New records of rare Lepidoptera species collected in the Lapes environs (Kaunas district, central Lithuania) in 1997-2007
Vol 19 p.49-52 Svitra G. The status of the sibling species Glaucopsyche (Maculinea) alcon and G.(M.) rebeli (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae ) in Lithuania
Vol 19 p.5-9 Dapkus D. Protected species of insects found in Verkiai regional park (Southeastern Lithuania) in 2007
Vol 19 p.53-55 Dumius O. Sixteen Diptera (Brachycera) species new for the Lithuanian fauna
Vol 19 p.56-62 Lutovinovas E. Brachycerous fly (Diptera) species new for the Lithuanian fauna
Vol 19 p.63-66 Budrys E. Records of three new for the Lithuanian fauna and four rare wasp species (Hymenoptera Apoidea Ampulicidae & Crabronidae)
Vol 19 p.67-68 Budrys E. New records of Scolia hirta in Lithuania (Hymenoptera Scoliidae)
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